Rib knitted cotton beanies featuring the Rein Love icon vegan leather tag.

>>> The perfect beanie for all outdoor activities

You find the beanies in various colours such as ocher, cherry, orange, purple, blue, green, grey and black. We had a talk with beanie ambassador up north Svalbard, the northernmost Norway. 

Cia, why do you recommend the Rein Love beanies? 

"Ohhh because 1 . The colours are amazing and they never ever looks washed out. There is always a colour to match my outfit. 2. Even in colder weather with -15 they give good warmth and still breath. 3. The design and discreet logo looks amazing. 

Fabric: 100% cotton


Explore a wide range of colours for our best-seller retro-round Adventure beanies. The Adventure beanies are made of acrylic yarn and are really fluffy. They will for sure keep your thoughts both comfy and warm. 


Our newest collection 69 ° Beanies are double layer cotton beanies. Super comfy fit that adapts to your head. It is easy to freshen them up with a 30 degree wash. Have a closer look at our four available colours, vegan leather tag.