About Us

Don’t follow the herd, Stay Wild! 

In the old folklore of the Sami, the indigenous people of the North, there is a belief that the white reindeer is a creature sent from the sun with a message of Love to the people.

The white reindeer represents purity and renewal, and is known for taking its own path. We think this is an amazing story, and we encourage everyone to follow their own path like the white reindeer and to do it with love.

Dare to be different, follow your heart and desires.

We Make Clothing for Passionate People

Launched in 2014, the Rein Love clothing line hails from the Arctic Capital of Tromsø, Norway.

Located at 69 degrees North, “where the sun never stops shining and the night never ends”


Wear and Care - Clothes for the Future

Wearing Rein Love reflects caring about people and places. Our clothing is made with thoughtfulness for both humans and nature. No chemicals in the production means it is good for the environment, for the people working in the production line, and finally for you who's wearing it. Add fair payment for workers, and you´ll find some of the values that are most important to us.