About us

Welcome to the Rein Love lifestyle

The Rein Love clothing line hails from Tromsø City at 69 degrees north, and has during the past years emerged to become a brand connecting adventurers worldwide. 

Wearing Rein Love is just as much an attitude as it is fashion.  

The White Reindeer Our Icon is known to stray from the herd, choosing its own path and direction. Be a White Reindeer.

Don't follow the herd, Stay Wild

Choose your path
Energise your rhythms 
Grow your dreams  

 The white reindeer represents purity and renewal. The word rein actually means pure. To design and create clothing that are both pure and sustainable will always be important to us. You will always find a wide variety of organic and green clothing when purchasing from our online store.

 Clothing for the FUTURE

Wearing clothing of high quality is environmental because it lasts longer; and you enjoy them much more!
We love to forward 10% of our online store profits in contribution to help more people be able to achieve their own DREAMS.

 The White Reindeer is considered to be a holy creature among the indigenous Sami of the North. In the old folklore the white reindeer is a creature from the Sun and a higher consciousness communicating a message of love to all humans. 


The Rein Love clothing line emerged from the Arctic Capital of Tromsø, 69°N in 2014. "Where the sun never stop shining, and the night never ends"
Surrounded by magnificent wilderness, fjords and mountains it is the perfect place for both outdoor life, recreation and creativity. 
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