Experience practical comfiness with a minimalistic touch.

The Icon Sky blue unisex hoodie with icon embroidery details on chest, sleeves and back. 

Our icon hoodie features the Rein Love slogan on bottom sleeves and including thumb holes. 

Our Icon The White Reindeer is known for choosing its own path, rather than following the herd, and this is how it became the icon and main character of Rein Love. A cool way of adapting to life. Be the white reindeer - Be yourself. 

                                Don't follow the herd, Stay Wild

The Icon hoodies loose but yet minimalistic look with its straight lines and large pockets stretching from one side to the other makes it the perfect hoodie for your everyday adventures.

The Rein Love icon heart positioned, slogan on bottom sleeves and deconstructed Rein Love design from the back neck, all features white embroidery design. 

Super soft thicker fabric that keeps you comfy and warm.

Unisex: In terms of size we recommend Men normal size and Women can walk one size down to accurate a women's size. 

Fabric: 60% cotton 40% polyester

Wash: 30 degrees 


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