Our signature style Identity fusions into the Identity Runner hoodie. 

Supreme comfort and style wearing the Identity Runner unisex hoodie. Super soft terry woven fabric that effectively breathes and absorbs water making the Identity Runner perfect for warmer temperatures and sports. 

Featuring the brand slogan Don’t follow the herd, Stay Wild embroidered on bottom sleeves including thumbholes, icon embroidery heart position and deconstructed Rein Love as back embroidery. Subtle black on black designs.

From Night long sleeve to our best seller Identity arrives the Identity Runner, all set for new Adventures. 

The white reindeer is known for choosing its own path, rather than following the herd. We love the attitude. Always keep an independent mindset and be yourself.

The Rein Love journey began in the summer 2014 when the brand launched its first collection and sales point during the rock festival in our hometown Tromsø, Norway.

Unisex: Girl uses a regular girls s/xs wearing a size xs and boy uses regular boys xl/xxl wearing a size xxl. 

Fabric: 55% cotton 45% polyester

Wash: 30 degrees


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