The “Icon Runner” hoodie features the Don Leat Mu Oabbá Don Leat Mu Viellja Circle as back embroidery, slogan as bottom sleeves embroidery and the Rein Love Icon as heart positioned embroidery.

Our Icon Runner is the first hoodie in Terry woven fabric with a mixture of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. 
The terry fabric is great for both winter and summer since it is both breathable and water absorbent.

We love it, and are sure you will too! 

The Icon Runner features the Rein Love slogan 

"Don't follow the herd, Stay Wild" as embroidery design on bottom sleeves next to the thumb holes.

The back embroidery design «Don Leat Mu Viellja Don Leat Mu Viellja» is written in the Northern Sami language and translates to «You are my Sister You are my Brother» A powerful expression about equality, in the end we are all brothers and sisters. 

With the Icon hoodies we wanted to design a more minimalistic hoodie with its straight cuts and “invisible” front pockets with its openings on the side seams, the pocket is stretching from one side to the other and leaves so much space for keeping your beanie and other necessities safe for your daily adventures.

The icon hoodies fit is still loose rather than tight with longer arms, which makes it really comfortable for your everyday use.

The White Reindeer is known for taking its own path and direction, and this is how it became the Rein Love Icon. A cool way of adapting to life. Follow The White Reindeer, Choose your own path, and do it with love. Be yourself, Stay Wild.

Unisex : Our model Jitka wearing the hoodie is 177cm and wearing a size XS. We will upload more photos soon. 

Fabric: Terry woven 55% cotton 45% polyester

Wash: 30 degrees


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